A team of web professionals building value-oriented solutions.

We offer profesional representitive websites, Custom software systems, E-shops, Graphic & web design, marketing.



Free consultations

  • Where to start? Selection of the best technologies;
  • How to build results-oriented IT systems;
  • Exploitation of standard solutions and their application to achieve the result;
  • I never spare advice or consultation on all IT issues.

Representitive websites

  • Unique design solutions (8 years of experience in creating representative solutions);
  • Very fast website solution;
  • Full package. WEB + Design + SEO + Marketing.

Custom software systems

  • Laravel-based IT solutions are developed (eg: People Management System, Salary counting system, etc. SAAS);
  • Agile methodologies are made IT addressed.


  • Prestashop, a Woocommerce based e-store solution;
  • Fully developed IT solutions from A to Z. Integration of the company's processes with the IT system for smooth usage;
  • Automatic import / export of goods. Connecting the system to accounting programs.
  • VIDEO lessons on how to work with systems

Graphic & web design

  • Unique WEB solutions;
  • Logos;
  • Banners and visualizations;
  • Flyers, Business Cards, Awnings and other printing;
  • A complete web solution package. (Web + Logo + Banners);
  • Company identity (Brandbook);
  • Video creation;
  • Other design services.


  • Audit your page;
  • On-page SEO;
  • Adwords;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads;
  • Social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin);
  • Purification of marketing objectives.

Our work

Our work


As a freelance team we are the best of both: big & small. We are resoursefull, capable of executing big complex projects and provide with full spectrum digital solutions. Yet, we're also specialized true experts of our fields, dedicate much of the personal attention and are very flexible. As a freelance team we don't have typical big company expenses and thus can offer quality solutions at a commpetitive price.

Individual system

ITBrother is responsible for the quality of works and successful execution of software development projects. It's your reliable partner, who delivers what was agreed and what is expected by the client. Thereforee ITBrother takes solid responsiblity in expectations management. It promises only the things, which can be delivered. It communciates opnely and directly - a frequent "no" might not sound nice in the very begining, yet it's the core of proper expectations management and combined with the right decision leads to the most suitable solutions and customer satisfaction in the end.

E - shops

Leads generating identity websites, custom systems achieving the commercial goals, sales maximizing e-shops, attractive and user-experience rich designs, effective marketing campaigns. ITBrother uses modular systems, which allow to achieve the result faster, cheaper, more flexibly and effectively.

  • Integration with business processes
  • Conversion-driven design / UX solutions
  • Video tutorials on how to work with the system
  • Programming with good practices for search engine robots (google, yahoo)
  • Save time with web, design, marketing services in one place

Design work

Why choose us

Why choose us

You buy the result - value from software

  • Brotherly reliability - we weight every word of a promise and execute everything promised. It's a prerequisite for a long-term partnership.
  • Consultancy - we analyze, read between the lines and discuss what should be developed and what should be skipped in order to get the maximums result with minimal costs.
  • Superior communication - we listen, hear, inform, discuss and are reachable even during off-hours. Brotherly :)
  • Income\business potential - if it's possible, we offer you to commercialize the software solution we are building for you and gain additional income by selling it.
  • Competitive pricing - the team's model allows to save costs and pass these savings to the client.


Contact us

Contact us

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